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Patient Testimonials

"I had gum surgery on the afternoon of March 26th at Meridian.  Dr. Lisa Teel and her assistant Debbie were in my opinion very skilled and caring in performing the periodontal surgery deemed necessary.  Plenty of time was allowed to address questions and concerns and helped to provide a high level of confidence in the work that was done and what to expect during the healing process; providing you follow the very clear and detailed instructions provided.  The receptionist (I believe her name was Angela) was also very professional, attentive and helpful.  I am very early in the healing process but so far it is going well." 

D W S '19

"My experience with Dr. Teel for a tooth implant was flawless. The procedure went perfectly, and the recovery is going very well. I highly recommend Dr. Teel and Dr. Frisbie. There was minimal discomfort during the procedure as well as during the recovery period. They have a wonderful team of professionals."

Francine R. '19

"I needed an emergency root canal on the day after Thanksgiving -- a day that my regular dentist was closed, but when I call my regular dentist the doctor recommended and provided a referral for me to get the procedure the SAME day at Meridian Endodontics, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, wow, that felt amazing. I was greeted nicely - they knew I was coming, they got me in and explained the process (this was my first root canal) and overall it really was painless. Everyone there was nice, and treated me with care and a genuine interest for my comfort and well being. They called the next day to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Meridian Endodontics, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry and the care they provide."

John H. '19

"I needed a dental implant and was referred to Meridian by my dentist. In a situation that was a bit stressful, they did an amazing job of calming my fears and giving me a clear plan of action. Dr. Stoianovici did a remarkable job and made sure I understood exactly what was being done to restore my tooth. Joelle was so helpful and assuring every step of the way as well. Incredible place!"

Sarah K. '19

I came into the office terrified- left with no pain, relief and having received excellent care. Phenomenal Dr & support staff- I was added as an end of day emergency- same day, concerns addressed & treatment provided. Thank you!!!!

Anne Z. '19

Everyone at Meridian is super friendly, on the ball and extremely caring to the overly-anxious (like me!) Dr. Zielinski retreated a root canal for me and couldn't have been more considerate or more expertise in his skills! Very appreciative! Also, the dental assistant makes me still smile after being home, she was a darling and made me feel more at ease than I would have ever guessed. She's a real star. If I remembered her name I'd offer kudos on this sight! (although everyone there is wonderful). I'm filling out this survey because great businesses deserve accolades!

Teri. Y '19

I’ve had similar procedures done before but never with this level of care and concern shown by all persons involved. I won’t say getting a root canal is ever a pleasure but everyone involved went out of their way to make this as stress free as possible. 

Derin B. '19

I felt like I was in a spa from the moment I walked off the elevator. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. Every effort was made to provide a comfortable and pain free experience. Most definitely the most relaxing and pain free root canal I've ever had!

Denise F. '19

Dr. Frisbie is awesome!! I have had many issues with my teeth and out of any dental providers I have ever had Dr. Frisbie has always made me feel the most comfortable and most informed. He always listens and takes the time to make sure I know what is going on during procedures which has made a difference in my anxiety towards dentistry. I will always highly recommend him to friends, very thankful for Meridian. Thank you!

Sarah S. '19

Dr. Zielinski & Staff, At age 67, I have had more root canals by various dentists that I care to recount. The one performed by Dr. Zielinski last Tuesday was by far the most comfortable and painless I have ever experienced. Dr. Zielinski is top notch and a true credit to his profession. His staff is welcoming, comforting and sincere. If I needed another root canal tomorrow, I would RUN to Dr. Zielinski without any hesitation or fear. Speaking from experience, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Dan B. '19

A pleasant experience! 100% comfortable root canal. I live in Seattle and was visiting Wisconsin when I developed a significant dental infection. A dentist friend recommended Meridian as the best care in the area and I am so glad I went in as a patient.

When I entered I was greeted by the front desk attendant with a warm and kind smile. Check-in was a breeze and I was ushered into the treatment room by a very professional assistant, John, to meet the doctor. Dr. Zielinski evaluated me and spent a lot of time reviewing my options and addressing my concerns. I could tell it was a busy day for him, and yet, he was very patient and took extra care during the procedure. The numbing was painless & I didn't feel a thing during the procedure, while watching my movie of choice! (Les Miserables). I appreciate the gentle care, warm blanket and cushy chairs. Following the procedure I had no pain or discomfort.

I am thankful that I went to Meridian for my dental treatment.
I highly recommend this practice.

Karen '19

If I could give 10 stars I would. I was able to get a new patient emergency appointment within a hour today. Exceptional service by all staff they went above and beyond. I checked reviews before I scheduled, they are very much worth anyone's business. I told the Dentist (sorry forgot his name) that I have been to many Dentists before and he did a excellent job on my root canal. He Thanked me for letting him know and explained they pride themselves on making sure the Anesthesia is done properly for all patients. I really appreciate everyone at the office for such professional service

Jole J. '19

Best dental experience ever! I had a painful infected tooth. Dr. Frisbie and Jessie the assistant were amazing! No pain. I watched a movie, and was very comfortable throughout the procedure. These are the professionals and it shows.

Rachael S. ' 18

I’ve had 2 procedures at Meridian and have gotten on their schedule immediately. Dr. Zielinski was amazing, he was very conscious of my comfort and extremely skilled. Fantastic practice and staff.

Nicole G '18

Dr. Teel is a very talented and caring dentist. I had a huge fear of the dentist until I met her and her team. She was very caring and also very excited for my results. This was the first time I ever felt confident in my dentist! Now instead of being terrified, I too was excited! She did a wonderful job doing my crown lengthening (which is basically cutting back your gums, so a pretty intense surgery!) She always made sure I knew exactly what the plan was. From the front desk to the chair, professionalism and caring compassionate staff followed. I cannot thank her enough for helping me get my smile back!

Gayle D. '18

I had been deliberating for years about getting a dental implant. Now I'm kicking myself for not going earlier! The procedure was easy, smooth and my implant is beautiful and feels great! Meridian is truly the expert in TLC and dental implants. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Gail S. '18

Meridian is among the top quality dental care in my opinion. My first impression of walking in the office was WOW !!! It is beautiful, very warm and clean. The staff were so friendly. Dr. Teel is amazing with her patients, she listens to my concern and explains everything clearly. I highly recommend Meridian to any friends or family who are searching for wonderful dental service.

Nguyen D. '18

Wow, wow ,wow is all I can say about this place. Dr Teel and her team were so kind and so professional they really put my fear anxiety to ease. A lot of you out there have the same fear as I do about going to the dentist but I have to let you guys now, after seeing Dr Teel and her team they complete destroyed my fear and anxiety just after the initial visit.

Dr Teel took the time to answer my questions, she explained to me step by step of the procedure, she frequently asked how I was doing. I have to just say of all my years of dealing with the dentist Dr Teel and her team made me feel the most comfortable I've ever felt in a dental office.

All I can say is Thank You and I will tell my friends about you and your team!!!!

-Quitton A. '18

I first visited Meridian Endodontics in 2013. The experience was about as good as it can get for a number of reasons. First, the offices are absolutely beautiful. It looks more like a spa then dentist's office. Second, the front end staff was crazy attentive. They made sure check-in was a breeze and that I was comfortable. Third, the dental procedure itself was about as painless and pleasant as can be. I literally watched a movie (Happy Gilmore) while getting what was practically a painless root canal. The headphones muffled any sound. Dr. Zielinshki was super professional and even more knowledgeable. Much of my family currently lives in the greater Milwaukee area, and although I have since moved from there to Florida, I literally will not go to another provider for a root canal. Yes. I would rather fly from another state than go to another provider. No, I am not affiliated or associated with these folks. Just want to help those on the fence with decision making.

-Ben K. '18

I hate the dentist. I cracked a molar and was referred to Meridian Endodontics. The staff there is wonderful. They explained the procedure to me and made 100% sure I was comfortable before moving forward with any of the 'fun dentist drilling stuff'. I got through the procedure with no issues or pain - and that's saying a lot because I cannot stand getting dentist work done. I would highly recommend Meridian if you need any dental work done! Absolutely fantastic experience. Thank you!

-Dustin D '17

"I've had experience with many, many dental offices over my lifetime and I can say unequivocally that Dr. Teel and each person I met and/or observed at Meridian are the most efficient, competent, professional, and delightful team of people I have ever encountered in a dental practice.  Someone really knows how to hire talent! Kudos!"

-Brad F.

"Best dental experience I have ever had!  I was treated the same day I called and am very happy with the follow-up care."

-AnnMarie B.

"Due to the poor health and appearance of my smile, I had very low self esteem when I first saw Dr. Teel.  I couldn't be more grateful, as she has changed my life! A new smile, and a new lease on life! I am a new person."

-Robert S.

"I am very scared of dental procedures and the three that I have had at your office have been fabulous!"

-Barbara V.

"Thank you for the wonderful treatment.  I was so incredibly nervous about coming for the work I needed done.  The dental assistant was wonderful and listened to all my fears and talked to me about my options.  She provided wonderful suggestions and ways to help.  I really felt heard with my anxiety and fears, which was the first time in a long time!  I will definitely keep your information in the event that I need any further treatment."

-Tricia B.

"You guys are great, you have the model office for this.  Others should observe your office and copy the way it is run, everything was very open, professional, and personal.  I felt very taken care of." 

-Brian Z.

"I was very impressed by EVERYONE that I encountered at MERIDIAN. Everyone was friendly and personable as well as knowledgeable about the entire procedure from setting up the initial appointment to that friendly little check up on my progress the day after my procedure. All financial/ insurance questions were answered appropriately and in a confidential manner. Dr. Frisbie encouraged questions and concerns with a kind, competent and patient manner. Ms. Arlene even held my hand when I felt a little shaky! I felt confident that I was getting the best care possible and will highly recommend Meridian!"

-Nancy F.

"I have an absolute fear of dentists.  I came in nervous and was ready to run the other way.  The whole entire staff was amazing!  Reassurance and open communication the whole way, with lots of techniques to keep me at ease.  The dentist was amazing and the time flew by.  I left very impressed and in love with this place!! Great PR with the public :)"

-Sarah B.

"I am so looking forward to my root canal! Said no one EVER! And...with the obvious stated....I must say, I cannot speak highly enough of the experience I had at Meridian. Every aspect of the patient experience was addressed at the highest level of excellence.  I appreciated the pricing transparency and the proactive check with my insurance so I knew exactly what would be out of pocket prior to my visit. The staff were all professional and accommodating to my needs/questions and even special music requests.  I was completely at ease. The doctor provided  me with information I needed regarding the procedure and what I should expect.  They encouraged me to call if I had any difficulties and I expect if I did, the service would be exempIary. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a root canal.  I was disappointed that they don't remove wisdom teeth as I am anticipating my three teens will be in the market for that soon!! They should be the benchmark for others for quality care and patient experience."

-Annette C.

 "In spite of the fact that I had to have a root canal, the patient experience I had was terrific.  From the receptionist to the dental assistant to the doctor, all were very comforting and accommodating to my needs.  The procedure was explained to me and the doctor continually asked how I was doing and responded very positively to any concerns that I had.  I would recommend the office to any family or friend who requires a root canal."

-John R.

"Debbie and Dr. Teel made a potentially difficult procedure for me easy and relatively relaxing.  I'd recommend them both very highly."

-David L.

"Wonderful atmosphere, great staff, and very caring.  I'm glad that this option for care was available to me.  Thank you!" 

-Kevin S.

"It was the most relaxing medical/dental procedure I've ever had! :)"

-Jennifer K.

"This was the best root canal I have ever had done.  They were very nice and gentle while I was having it done.  I would highly recommend this office to all of my family and friends.  Not only was the visit and work that I had done on my mouth very easy and comfortable, it made me not hate going to the dentist like most people do.  There should be more dentists in the world like you.  Thank you for everything that you did to take the pain away!"

-Ben P.

"The whole experience was amazing. A very friendly, confident and professional staff made the experience very easy to go through. Five star rating for the group!"

-Thomas P.

 "I could not have been happier with the service and experience I received from Meridian.  From the moment I first stepped into the office I knew I was in the right place.  The staff was absolutely fabulous.  They addressed my concerns and saw me right away.  I needed a root canal for the first time and was a little apprehensive about it.  They put my fear to rest and even told me I didn't need sedation and they were right.  Being able to watch a movie during the procedure was a big help too.  Everything went great and I walked out happy and ready for the next step...recovery.  Much to my surprise my mouth unfroze and I was in no pain at all!!  If I hadn't just been there two hours earlier I never would have known I had any dental work done.  I ended up going and visiting some friends just two hours after I walked out of the office.  Frankly, I wish they could be my dentist all the time.  I was really comfortable there and would go back in a heartbeat if I had to.  Thanks for far exceeding my expectations as well as relieving my fears.  And a special thanks to assistant Jessie who was really a pleasure to spend time with.  Job well done crew.....Job well done!"

-Nicole C.

 "This was the best visit to a dentist I have ever had."

-Scott S.

"You all do a top notch job.  By having every member of the staff performing their jobs very well, it makes the patient feel they are in good hands.  The care and understanding shown to my son, who has serious anxiety issues, made me feel very comfortable in the fact that he was in good hands." 

-Hans J.

"All I can say is that I would totally recommend Meridian to my family and friends.  I already did this on my Facebook page and told them how great a place this was to have work done.  Keep up the great work, and your friendliness! :)"

-Roberta P.

 "What can I say?  Dr. Frisbie's work style eased my fear of dentists I had since childhood.  It's gone now!"

-Aaron B.

 "Dr. Zielinski is a great endodontist! He thoroughly explained everything to me and answered all my questions. He made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure - I was surprised at how painless a root canal could be! I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing root canal treatment!"

-Amy R.

"In addition to music, was offered a movie to watch which was preferred.  I had the impression that everyone was highly trained to treat me well and they were successful.  I was impressed by the staff and particularly by Dr. Frisbie who is very patient and responsive also very good at what he does."

-Calvin E.

 "Staff was very friendly and made me comfortable and at ease.  As pleasant as a root canal can be.  I would definitely recommend to my friends!"

-Mary R.

"A very positive experience with informative and friendly people that performed the work efficiently."

-Gerald D.

"As a very hessitant dental patient, all of the staff members at Meridian made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  The procedure itself went much better than I anticipated.  I would definitely recommend Meridian to anyone fearful of a root canal!"

-Karen M.

"I would and have already recommended Dr. Zielinski to friends and co-workers.  This is my third root canal and each one has brought immediate relief with minor discomfort afterward.  Dr. Zielinski and staff are great!"

-Darlene L.

"I went to another endodontic office and left there feeling as if all they cared about was the money - they stressed that to me twice.  There was also a discussion about how I might have to 'come back twice' for a root canal.  It didn't feel right, so I got online and looked for my own referral.  I was immediately drawn to the rave reviews spoken about your office.  I can be a bit fearful of root canals and the moment I walked in, to the moment I left, I didn't feel I was a number.  The doctor kept constant communication with me, let me know what to expect and when to expect it.  I trusted him unequivocally.  I appreciated watching a movie as it helped with the noise and uncomfortableness one feels while having the procedure.  Please note that I will recommend your office and your staff.  Thank you for being caring, courteous, and sensing my anxiety and being so professional while addressing it.  Kudos!"

-MaryAnn R.

"I thought I was in for a pretty bad time, but boy was I surprised.  The procedure was almost painless and I couldn't have been treated any nicer if I were at any spa.  I loved being able to watch and really hear a movie during the procedure.  I was so into the movie, it definitely took my mind off that little old drill.  Next time maybe I'll go for a double so I can finish the movie (only kidding)."

-Jacqueline T.

"Meridian is definitely a dental spa.  If you are going to spend money on your teeth, this is the place.  You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.  Meridian is worth every penny.  Dr. Teel is awesome and kind and considerate and very professional.  I was in the chair for 4 hours and was treated royally.  I had a sinus lift and an implant.  It is now day 4 since the procedure and with the medication I am pain free.  Dr. Teel's assistant Angela is the best.  I watched a movie, listened to music and had a warm blanket.  If you are shopping around for a place to get some dental work done, go no further, Meridian is the place.  I give Meridian a 10+."

-Patricia B.

"I am impressed with the professionalism of your office.  From the receptionist, to the dental assistant, to Dr. Frisbie, they all made my visit and procedure as pleasant as possible."

-Jean W.

"I was very pleased by the professionalism of your staff, the courtesy and concern for the treatment of your patients, and the excellent care given by Dr. Frisbie.  I will be happy to recommend Meridian to friends and family requiring any procedures in the future."

-Michael B.

"I was so pleased with the entire experience!  I truly believe your office is #1.  Many thanks to Dr. Zielinski, you went above and beyond!"

-Ann H.

"Dr. Zielinski was very concise and informative and did the root canal very efficiently.  Obviously a pro!  He was very gentle and made me feel very confident.  I like that they offered music to listen to.  Modern office, doing it right.  Thanks!"

-Amanda T.

"Would definitely recommend to others!  Everyone is so friendly and strives to make everyone feel welcome!"

-Renae M.

"Thank you for taking care of my root canal! So far so good and I would definitely recommend your office to my family and friends.  Thank you!!"

-Lindsey D.

"Dr. Zielinski and staff were wonderful!  I would highly recommend Meridian to anyone."

-Warren K.

"Thank you Gina and Dr. Zielinski for a wonderful experience with my first and hopefully only root canal.  From the time I walked in and was greeted by the receptionist I knew I came to the right place.  You took time explaining the procedure, answered my questions and made me feel very comfortable and reassured.  I had NO PAIN the whole time I was in the chair, didn't even feel you numbing with the needle!!  The follow-up call was very much appreciated.  2 days after and still no pain and no need for Tylenol.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience."

-Matt S.

"Absolutely wonderful experience, from start to finish.  Thank you!"

-Jocelyn E.

"I enjoyed the movie during treatment.  Very good distraction from the root canal!  Staff was very friendly."

-Carol B.

"Jessie the dental assistant and the dentist were great!"

-Tim G.

"I was impressed with the extra care and research performed by Dr. Zielinski as we progressed through the procedure.  He was concerned more with getting it right than with getting it done quickly."

-David M.

"Excellent experience for a procedure I was petrified of having. I came to this office once before and returned for the patient care and excellent doctors."

Meri C. Apr '15

"I have had extensive dental work done throughout my adult life and this was one of the best experiences in dental care that I have ever had.  As an RN with 20 years of experience, I can testify that the care given here is extraordinary.  It not only met my standards, it exceeded them.  It was the least painful root canal I've ever had, in the most comfortable setting.  I will not go anywhere else now that I have discovered Meridian!!!"

Loretta B. Nov '14

"I have great confidence and trust in the talent and experience of Dr. Teel and her capable assistants."

Tom W. Nov '14

"I recently had a retreated root canal.  It was quicker than expected and fairly painless.  Your office prepared me for everything so there were no surprises.  Being able to watch a movie was a nice surprise.  The staff was very nice and knowledgeable.  Thank you."

Kent B. Nov '14

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Teel and her assistant, Angela.  They were both so professional, thoughtful, helpful, skilled, kind, efficient, compassionate and wonderfully effective.  I had some health troubles during the procedure and they were willing to reschedule or continue as if they didn't have another patient.  They really put me at ease and we got through everything wonderfully well.  The post-op instructions were terrific - completely pain free the next day!"

Michael B. Nov '14

"Thank you for the prompt and wonderful service!  I appreciated the constant communication during treatment and the pictures that are shown to make sure I thoroughly understand what's going on!  I left there with no pain and remain pain free! ;-)"

Jenny L. Nov '14

"I've always dreaded the dentist, and getting a root canal was something I put off.  My visist to Meridian was surprisingly pleasant (as pleasant as a root canal can be at least).  Thank you for your patience and thoughtfulness during my visit."

Amada K. Nov '14

"Everything was done so well.  Dr. Frisbie was so kind and caring.  He made me feel at ease even though I didn't know what to expect.  Another root canal need in future = Dr. Frisbie!!"

Jane L. Nov '14

"The doctor and dental assistant were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable about the treatment I was going to have done.  I had a lot of anxiety but they both made my appointment less stressful."

Hannah S. Nov '14

"This was my very first root canal so I was very nervous.  Everyone made me feel very at ease and when it was all said and done, it wasn't as bad as I thought!"

Rodney M. Nov '14

"The staff is very pleasant and the office was warm and non-intimidating.  Dr. Frisbie was by far the most personable physician I ever had.  Very nice man and attentive to how I was doing during the root canal.  The appointment was yesterday and I am doing fine today.  No pain and any pain last night after the procedure easily subsided with ibuprofen."

Sheri L. Nov '14

"Made me very comfortable for a not so comfortable root canal. Very pleased overall."

Kris B. Aug '14

"Everyone was very nice and the doctor was amazing!  Absolutely no pain and the whole visit was so comforting and easy for me.  I did not have any pain after the procedure at any time that evening or next day.  My first root canal and I thought it was going to be unpleasant for me.  Not at all.  I went back to work after I was done and all was well.  Thank you!!!"

Debbi Z. Aug '14

"No need to say or tell more than number 5 star ratings for every category.  I am satisfied!"

Ruby M. Aug '14

"I have never been so comfortable at or during a dental procedure.  I was very uneasy when I found out what kind of procedure I needed to get done.  However, after my procedure I wondered why I had waited so long.  Everyone was so supportive of me and my fears.  Thank you!  I will definitely recommend anyone go to Meridian."

Sarah S. Aug '14

"My dentist called Meridian at 8:30am because I needed a root canal and they were able to fit me in the same day.  I was home and out of pain by 11am!  Everyone was friendly and sympathetic to my condition, and the office was very comfortable - they gave me a blanket and I listened to Pandora radio while I had my treatment.  I almost fell asleep in the chair a few times because I was so comfortable.  By the end of the following day, the soreness was subsiding and I felt so much better!"

Sarah G. Aug '14

"I had a root canal done before and your treatment was far better and less painful.  Excellent!"

Dave N. Aug '14

"Surprisingly, the root canal procedure was one of the least painful (during & so far after) procedures in all of the dental work I've had up to this point."

Matt M. Aug '14

"I had never had a root canal so I was nervous about the procedure.  Dr. Frisbie provided me some oral sedation the day of the procedure and I also used the nitrous oxide for the first time.  I kept an open mind and the entire procedure was painless and put me at ease.  If I ever need to have this done again or need to recommend someone I would definitely say this is the right place to get it done.  Both the doctor and several staff ensured me that I would be ok and that it was no big deal."

Greg B. Aug '14

"I highly recommend Meridian to anyone who asks about my experience.  Dr. Frisbie and Dr. Zielinski are both excellent.  In fact, the entire staff is amazing, compassionate, helpful, and genuinely care about their patients.  I appreciate all you do.  Thank you!!"

Michelle R. July '14

"Dr. Zielinski was thorough, patient, clear in his explanations, and made me feel safe.  Staff were very good as well.  Overall, an excellent experience.  I almost look forward to my next root canal! ;-)"

Carl W. July '14

"BEST dental experience I ever had."

Karen D. July '14

"Great service as usual.  I would highly recommend Dr. Frisbie.  This was my second root canal and I have had no problems."

Roger K. July '14

"Very professional with a kind and gentle approach to my care by both the doctor and assistant."

Mary G. July '14

"My experiences at your offices couldn't have been better, from the professional but friendly attitude of all the staff to the comfortable setting (love the fish!), to the expertise of all the personnel.  Dr. Zielinski is a gem - exhibits such a thorough knowledge of his field, is compassionate but realistic, and basically is a really nice guy.  The atmosphere created by all the staff helped reduce my stress, and left me with feeling of total confidence in the best possible outcome of my procedure.  Thank you."

Marsha C. July '14

"Everything in terms of the visit was great!"

Daniel W. July '14

"We enjoyed the refreshments that were provided by your office!"

Carl K. July '14

"I was VERY pleased with my second visit to Meridian.  Dr. Zielinski and his assistant made me feel at ease and answered all of my questions.  They were very patient with me since I was nervous before my root canal.  I was able to pop in a movie, which decreased the sound of the drills and equipment.  I am PAIN-FREE and a happy patient.  I would recommend this office to anyone!"

Shelley A. July '14

"My visits to Meridian are a textbook example of excellent patient care and customer service.  I found the office environment to be pleasant and soothing.  The support staff is professional, friendly, courteous, and generous in explaining forms and offering any additional needed assistance.  The medical staff is of superior caliber and character.  I highly recommend Meridian Endodontics and Periodontics for quality healthcare!"

Margaret M. July '14

"Dr. Zielinski should wear a t-shirt with a big Superman 'S' on it!  He was perfect, took a scared me and solved the problem.  Thanks!"

Emily S. May '14

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful my visit was.  I was in a lot of pain and they were so aware of what I was going through and tried very hard to identify what tooth was the problem and get me to where I needed to be to get the issue fixed.  I cannot say enough for everyone that helped me.  I feel so fortunate for the expertise at Meridian"

Roxanne D. April '14

"I went into this appointment very nervous and afraid.  I had heard over and over how horrible having a root canal was.  After the procedure was done, I can honestly say that this experience was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had!  The staff were so friendly and truly caring.  Dr. Frisbie was very patient, answering all my questions prior to the start of the procedure, telling me step-by-step what was going to happen next.  I felt very comfortable throughout the procedure.  I can honestly say that I never felt anything.  I left the office with a new positive outlook towards having a root canal.  I could not wait to tell my friends and family about the wonderful experience I just had.  I would highly recommend Meridian!"

Sue B. April '14

"Meridian Endodontics & Periodontics is not your typical dental office.  You feel as though you are in a 5 star hotel or restaurant.  Patient care is the top priority.  Being a person who isn't easily 'numbed up', they took the time to make sure I felt no pain during the procedure.  Five ***** star service you can count on!!"

Randall R. April '14

"I would definitely recommend this office.  The customer service is excellent and the staff does an outstanding job putting the patient at ease.  It made a stressful situation much easier to deal with - Thank you!"

Meredith R. April '14

"I was very happy with the service."

Mark V. April '14

"Getting timely care for my very painful tooth was so important to me.  I was seen the next day.  Dr. Frisbie provided absolutely superb care!  My tooth felt 'normal' immediately follwoing resolution of the novocaine and has remained so.  I am very grateful and cannot thank you enough for your timely appointment, professionalism, and absolutely superb care."

Tom A. April '14

"This was the best dental visit in my life.  I am 51 years old so I have had a few visits in my past.  My father was my dentist as a child, and he was a very good dentist but things have come a long way to make the patient feel at home in the dentist chair.  I had a root canal done and it was done very professionally.  The dentist made sure I was numb before preceeding with the procedure, I didn't feel a thing.  Being able to watch a movie during a root canal also is a pleasant distraction especially with headphones on.  Thank you Dr. Frisbie and staff for the best dental experience in my life!  I highly recommend you as a dentist and as a matter of fact I have been telling my coworkers about my pleasant experience with your office already."

Gregory B. Feb '14

"Very little pain once the procedure started.  I really like the ability to watch a movie during the visit.  Everyone I spoke to took the time to make me feel comfortable."

Dan D. Feb '14

"Thank you! You guys made a potentially bad/negative situation as positive as possible"

David B. Mar '14

"Thank you! My appointment and procedure went extremely smooth.  Your staff as very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.  Dr. Frisbie was friendly and did a great job."

Daniel E. Feb '14

"I want to thank you for the excellent care I received on both of my visits.  The entire staff made me comfortable.  A special thanks to Chelsia for your kindness.  Dr. Zielinski was responsive to any discomfort and made a valiant effort to save my tooth.  Today is the first time I have been pain free in the last month!  I really do appreciate your efforts and expertise."

Karen B. Feb '14

"I approached the root canal procedure with concern.  I am 94 and was amazed at the skillful ease with which the 45min process was handled.  I had zero pain afterward."

Jeanne L. Mar '14

"We were very happy with how you stayed open late for my son to receive his root canal.  We appreciated the follow-up call also to see how he was doing.  Thank you again!"

Adam P. Feb '14

"Needless to say, I'm thoroughly pleased with every aspect of Meridian!"

Robert G. Feb '14

"The experience was excellent.  Talented dentist.  Very professional office.  Good idea with the headphones, a nice distraction."

Bob B. Feb '14

"In the past 3 months I have seen both Dr. Frisbie and Dr. Zielinski for root're all highly professional yet compassionate - a couple shout outs to yesterday's unexpected appointment.  First off Tiffany at the front desk is an angel, an absolute gem..I had to wait an hour but we were able to visit and that made my wait seem less lengthy and put me in better spirits as I was a bit upset about having to come back so soon (no offense but didn't plan on a root canal and it threw off my day)...then the icing on the cake was when Dr. Zielinski came in - it was my first experience with him but I loved his energey, his confidence, humor, efficiency, and listening to my whole 'story', and his assurance that all would be well!  So refreshing and rocked my world yesterday that combined with the 'Tiffany factor' pre-visit care, dare I say, almost makes me want to come back again?!?  Prayerfully NOT from a tooth perspective - LOL.  But truly so grateful and appreciative for being treated with so much respect and patience...thank you to the entire amazing staff!  Another shout out to Dr. Frisbie who took time to look at a concern with my prior root canal on very short notice - he so graciously and again compassionately took time with me trying to get to the 'root' of the problem - haha no pun intended, and did not charge me for additional visit!  I love all the positives that you offer in a setting that for many can be scary.  There has been nothing painful about my experiences with Meridian!  Truly, you are the consumate ideal when it comes to being patient-focused.  Thank you all!"

Jill W. Feb '14

"This was my first experience at Meridian and it was wonderful.  Awesome staff, very friendly and calming office environment.  Very comfortable.  Pain free!  Would definitely recommend to all family and friends."

-Laurie O. Oct '13

"I was impressed with the service provided and very grateful I was able to get in as fast as I did - same day service!  Dr. Frisbie and assistant Amy were wonderful.  Maybe not the most comfortable having one's mouth open for an hour or so, but once you are numb, it was a virtually pain-free experience.  Your offices are beautiful and comfortable and best of all, parking is free!  That's always a plus in my book."

-Nancy H. Oct '13

"Dr. Teel and her assistant are wonderful!"

-Susan F. Oct '13

"Dr. Zielinski did a great job!"

Albert S. Oct '13

"You make the best out of an unpleasant situation.  After all, who would hope for a root canal.  My 2nd at your office and both times, the only thing I felt were my nerves.  There was no pain and the movie and headphones totally take your mind off the work being done, and the coffee ain't bad either."

-Jacqueline T. Oct '13

"I was very scared and unsure about my procedure.  Everyone was so nice and informative.  My mouth looks great and I will be recommending Dr. Teel to all my family and friends."

-Jessica P. Oct '13

"It was my first visit to the Meridian office and I was treated very well.  I felt like a queen for the day, even though I was having some minor surgery on my mouth.  I would return for future treatment.  The equipment used on getting my gums numb was a good experience, not seeing that big needle going into your mouth.  I wish all dentists were using the same technique.  I would like to thank Dr. Frisbie and his dental assistant Chelsia for treating me so kindly.  Thank you!"

-Lorraine W. Oct '13

"I would rate '5 out of 5' on all accounts.  Considering it ws a root canal, it was a nearly painless experience.  Thank you and best regards."

-Debra G. Oct '13

"I really appreciated the extra care and attention when my rotator cuff became achy and sore.  Thanks much!"

-Thomas W. Oct '13

"This was what I expected to be a painful procedure by Dr. Teel.....totally painless, really a positive experience!  Thank you!!"

-Kendall Y. Sept '13

"I appreciate being able to get an apointment the day I called.  Thank you so much.  I was very stressed about the root canal procedure but Dr. Frisbie assured me that there would be very little to no pain.  He was right."

-Mary M. Aug '13

"If you had ever asked me if a dental appointment could be a good experience I would have questioned your sanity.  However, my doctor and all of your staff were beyond wonderful.  I almost feel like having another dental emergency just to see him and the rest of you....but I won't!  Thanks!  I ran companies for over thirty years before retiring and you do it the way it should be done.  Your receptionish is wonderful and so is the rest of your staff.  Thanks again.  Plus, it was more painless than my usual teeth cleaning.  Best of luck to a great team!!!"

-Hugh L. Aug '13

"Exceeded my expectations.  Very professional/proficient."

-Robert D. Aug '13

"I did not have an appointment and was in great pain.  Your office was able to see me right away and with the root canal procedure my pain was significantly reduced.  I was very grateful for the care and services I received and would highly recommend Meridian."

-Susan K. Aug '13

"I love your office and associates.  I had to have a root canal done and was beyond terrified.  I was in pain and did not want to have this done.  Dr. Frisbie and Chelsia were so nice.  They took the time to answer all of my questions and ease my concerns.  The movie really helped pass the time and took my mind off the procedure.  It is great that you put the 'CARE' back into patient-care.  Too many clinics over-promise and under-deliver, not you guys.  Don't ever change the way you treat patients!  Thanks so much!"

-James R. Aug '13

"I had an exceptional experience, especially considering dental appointments make me unreasonably nervous.  Every effort was made to ensure my confidence and comfort.  The staff was especially kind and considerate.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Frisbie."

-Deborah R. Aug '13

"Great service, warm and friendly staff.  They really go out of the way to make sure you are comfortable."

-Brittney G. Aug '13

"It was truely easy and very professional.  Thank you very much!"

-Doug H. Aug '13

"Was pleasantly surprised on how quick the procedure was as well as how painless it was.  Was so grateful that my pain was gone as soon as I left.  Really appreciate it!!"

-Crystal K. Aug '13

"Very pleased with the staff and the service.  Highly recommend your office."

-Susan W. Aug '13

"This is my second visit to your office.  Both experiences have been outstanding.  From the moment that you walk into the door to the time you leave, the staff is professional, compassionate and are very much client-based.  It is a spa-like environment."

-Debra S. Aug '13

"My son has special needs.  He was treated with kindness and respect by staff and doctors.  I, his mom, appreciated being informed about everything that was going to be done and that the least amount of sedation was used while still keeping him comfortable.  I appreciate everything that was done to keep my son safe and happy.  Thank you so much!"

-Samuel D. Aug '13

"Dr. Frisbie and ALL the staff were so incredibly friendly and helpful!  I immediately went from being anxious about my very first root canal to feeling completely comfortable and at ease about it.  It ws my first time at Meridian and, although I certainly hope not to need another root canal anytime soon, I would not hesitate to give Dr. Frisbie's office a call.  Everything was explained in great detail before the procedure and Dr. Frisbie made sure to verbalize every step he was taking during the procedure.  His assistant, Chelsia, asked several times how I was doing, if I needed to take a break, if I was comfortable.  Thank you, everybody, for such a truly positive can't imagine how much I appreciate all that you did to make me feel so comfortable!!"

-Diane V. Aug '13

"Normally people do not enjoy the dentist's office...but I did. ;-)  The facilities were top notch, everyone I had contact with was friendly and very helpful.  The doctor was excellent, didn't hurt at all, and I had confidence in him immediately.  I would certainly recommend your office to anyone.  KUDOS!"

-Janice M. July '13

 "I was very satisfied with getting an appointment so quickly.  I am pain free now!  Chelsia was very helpful and answered all of my questions.  Thank you for the excellent work."

-Barb H. July '13

 "I never had a dental procedure besides cleanings before.  Dr. Frisbie was very calm and helped me understand what was going to happen.  He answered all of my questions without rushing me.  He has a wonderful 'bedside manner'.  The movie was a huge help in keeping me from focusing on the drilling, etc.  I hope I don't have to get any more root canals, but if I do, I would come see Dr. Frisbie again."

-Lindsay L. July '13

"Thank you for your tremendous professionalism and courtesy.  I was a little frazzled and your team there put me at ease in a heartbeat.  The procedure was quick and painless and I feel tons better.  Thanks!"

-Colleen E. July '13

"Very understanding and compassionate of my needs!  I was very comfortable.  Thank you!"

-Janet J. July '13

"I would definitely recommend Meridian for anyone I know having a root canal.  Thanks for being so professional and answering all of my questions!"

-Jennifer V. July '13

"I appreciated how this appointment was handled as it was an issue from my first root canal a year ago.  I got a same-day appointment which was needed as my face was swollen and I was in extreme pain.  Everyone was great to work with.  I felt like the wait was a little long as I know the doc was busy, but I can't complain as they squeezed me in.  I hope I don't need to come back, but if I do I will come to Meridian and will recommend them to anyone that needs your services.  Great experience and staff."

-Margaret R July '13

 "I have been very pleased with all of my apointments.  Dr. Zielinski is very nice and informative.  I would come back again....hopefully not!"

-Diane T. July '13

 "This was by far the finest dental establishment I have been to.  If I knew in advance that I will ever need another root canal procedure, I will definitely come to Meridian."

-B.T. July '13

"The staff and Dr. Frisbie were very friendly and professional.  Dr. Frisbie was very informative and had my comfort in mind when treating me.  Very pleased and would highly recommend Meridian."

-Charlotte B. July '13

"I had a really comfortable experience at Meridian thanks to Dr. Teel, Dr. Frisbie, and staff.  Both Drs. were friendly, reassuring, and thorough.  I highly recommend this group."

-Kaye R. June '13

"This was an excellent experience, considering it was for a root canal.  The care was top notch, absolutely no complaints about the entire experience, from start to finish.  Thank you so much!"

-Elizabeth B. June '13

"I felt the staff was great, especially Tiffany when I called for driving directions."

-Teresa L. June '13

"I would recommend Dr. Zielinski.  He is very capable."

-Lisa T. June '13

"The assistant that helped was awesome!  She was very sweet and made sure I was totally comfortable!  Dr. Frisbie was awesome as well and made me feel very comfortable even though I was kind of nervous!"

-Briana L. June '13

"Whether it was the movie or the efficiency of the endodontic team, my root canal was basically painless.  I appreciated the friendliness and kindness of the staff.  Dr. Zielinski is a patient and talented endodontist.  My only regret was not finishing the movie I started!  I would definitely come back to the office.  Thank you for a positive experience."

-Karen T. June '13

"Not that I love getting root canals, but this has been the most pleasant dental visit I have ever had.  Dr. Frisbie is the best.  I had no pain during or after." 

-Daniel G. June '13

"I was really impressed by the dental assistant.  She just seems to have a gift of kindness and empathy.  I could hardly believe it when she told me she'd been in her role for only a few months, and had come right out of school."

-Amy P. June '13

"The procedure was handled in a professional and competent manner."

-Marie W. June '13

"Beautiful office, very friendly staff.  Was extremely comfortable the entire time.  Dr. Zielinski did a wonderful job!"

-Amy M. June '13

"I always like visiting Meridian.  It is never a bad experience."

Sandra R. June '13

"What a great visit.  Everyone was professional and very informative.  Thank you for a very pleasant visit.  Have a great year all." 

-Shane C. May '13

"The woman who scheduled my appointment was friendly, helpful, unrushedjust a really nice experience, and a great first impression of your business.  The introductory email was very informative about how things would go, insurance and payment details, etc.  I liked filling out my medical history online, much nicer to be able to do that at home than upon arrival for my appointment.  Dr. Zielinski's assistant was very goodfriendly, helpful, put me at ease.  Dr. Zielinski was friendly, thorough in his explanations.  The root canal itself seemed to go pretty quickly.  Dr. Zielinski and his assistant worked very well together.  The follow up call the next morning was very nice. (Oh yes, I've had practically no discomfort from the procedureterrific!)  As you can tell, I found it a very positive experience." 

-Howard G. April '13

"As in my past visits, there is a whole team approach here, where every staff member is an important and integral part of the entire dental treatment process. For a patient who has an extreme fear of all dental procedures, I feel very comfortable coming here and completely trust the expertise of the professional staff."

Christel S. Mar '13

"I was extremely impressed by my first visit to your clinic.  I required an appointment quickly because my dental insurance was about to expire.  The office accommodated me with an appointment the very next day.  Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.  I was blown away when the dental assistant asked if I wanted a neck pillow and blanket and offered me a movie list to choose a movie.  I felt like I was at a spa.  The movie helped distract me from the procedure.  I came in for a root canal and Dr. Zielinski did everything he could to save the tooth.  Unfortunately, the tooth could not be saved.  Dr. Teel was available to do the tooth extraction at the same appointment.  Her assistant, Kaitlyn, was very nice and helpful.  She even got another movie for me to watch.  Dr. Teel fully explained theat it was completely my decision if I wanted the tooth pulled, but also explained that keeping the tooth in my mouth could infect other teeth and/or my jaw.  The extraction was difficult but Dr. Teel stuck at it until it was successful.  She made sure that I had enough anesthetic and injected more as needed during the extraction.  During the procedure, Dr. Teel asked for a warm pillow to place under my stiff neck.  Follow up care was fully explained, and I was given a folder with all the information of my visit.  Mary Jean, the office manager, checked with my insurance to determine my out of pocket expenses.  She was extremely helpful, caring, and sweet.   My first experience with Meridian and the staff that I came into contact with were wonderful.  I was grateful that they were able to accommodate my needs all in one visit.  I was very impressed with everyone.  Thank you!  I even had a room with a window view!" 

-Susan D. March '13

 "My second visit to your offices.  I have been very impressed with the whole set up and skills of Dr. Zielinski and staff.  Thanks much!"

-Peter L. March '13

"Everyone made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, from the receptionist to Dr Frisbie. They could not have made my visit more pleasant! Love the coffee too!"

Judy S. Mar '13

"My experience was so much better than expected.  I was nervous.  I was made to feel comfortable.  My experience was virtually pain-free.  I woke the day after my root canal with no pain at all.  I am amazed." 

Denise O. Feb '13

"I must admit hearing the words 'root canal' from my general dentist had me very scared and nervous.  The actual procedure was a breeze.  I could sense the comfort level you all had working together which really leaves a patient at ease.  I've had to contact you a few times due to an ongoing sore on my gums.  You have all been extremely helpful, patient, professional, and kind.  I truly appreciate it.  I would certainly highly recommend Meridian to anyone needing your services!" 

Michelle R. Feb '13

"Feels like nothing happened. Dr. Teel is like an artist!"

Andrew A. Feb '13

"Friendly environment, great staff!" 

John C. Jan '13

 "Dental work makes me very anxious but Dr. Teel and Dr. Frisbie are both so nice and really do a great job to calm my fears and make the experience as comfortable as possible.  I also really appreciate the option to watch a movie and the blanket.  I would not hesitate to recommend your office to anyone needing a root canal or extraction."

Rachel S. Jan '13

 "I felt like the red carpet was rolled out for me and was made very comfortable and any nervousness I had, vanished. I would recommend anyone who is in need of treatment to your office. Thank you!!!!"

Janet B. Feb '13

"Couldn't have had a better experience.  Other endodontists could not fit me in before the weekend, but Meridian got me in on the same day I called (a Friday).  Thank you!" 

-Sarah V. Feb '13

 "As this was my first root canal, I was extremely nervous.  The dental assistant, Tausha, had a very calming effect on me and offered explanations, music, movies, blankets, and pillows.  Dr. Frisbie too has a very calming demeanor, is very pleasant, professional, and made this experience totally painless.  He also was very polite to his dental assistant, saying 'please' and 'thank you' during the procedure, which was music to my ears.  Respect among co-workers matters and is reflected in the service.  I realize now that all my fears of the dreaded root canal were totally unwarranted."

-Nancy K. May '12

 "Everyone was extremely caring about making sure I was comfortable which I am thankful for.  Thanks to all!"

Roberta P. Dec '12

"Thank you to you and your whole staff.  The kindness of your staff, smiling faces and atmosphere really helped get me through a very rough and painful time.  Thanks again!"

-Nora K. Aug '12

 "Very little discomfort before, during, or after the procedure.  Very friendly and accommodating staff!"

-Thomas T. April '12

"I was very pleased, thank you!  I was not stressed out, relaxed, and not bored because of the movie.  I had no pain."

-Vivian F. April '12

"Thank you so much for allowing me to come to the office yesterday for my emergency root canal.  The pain was so bad that I could barely stand it another minute and you and your staff were just incredible.  I'm happy to say I am now pain free and I want you to know how much I appreciate that you got me in on such short notice and you and your staff did an incredible job at making me feel comfortable while having my dental work done.  Thank you!!!"

-Dana P. Feb '12

 "I'd like to thank Dr. Zielinski for solving a very painful tooth situation for me. I really thought I was going to have that molar removed. I'm happy to report that the pain is gone and my mouth feels great. I will gladly recommend Dr. Zielinski and Meridian Endodontics to anyone I know with a tooth situation in need of a true professional."

Tim F. Mar '11

"Everything went well.  Thank you!!"

-Vanessa T. Oct '14

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