Periodontists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, periodontal plastic surgery, removal of teeth, bone augmentation, and placement of dental implants. Dentists prefer to refer their patients to Meridian’s doctors based on our track record of superior outcomes and our multidisciplinary approach to care. Our team of highly skilled Periodontists and Endodontists come together to provide you with the most up-to-date and minimally invasive options to restore your periodontal health, rejuvenate your natural teeth and gums, and restore broken and missing teeth. We put your comfort first and offer a variety of anesthesia and comfort options that put even our most fearful patients at ease.

Based on the level of our doctor’s expertise, we often treat more problematic periodontal cases, such as those with severe gum disease, tooth loss, and patients with a complex medical history. Many patients come to us feeling hopeless based on the poor condition of their teeth, and we have transformed many smiles. We are here to help you transform your smile, your confidence and your life.

Comfort & Sedation Options

We are committed to your comfort.
Many people experience high anxiety, panic and fear when seeking dental care. At Meridian, our doctors and staff are committed to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive anesthesia and comfort options available to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our team is experienced in providing anesthetic options, including Nitrous, Oral and IV sedation and the Wand. The Wand or Computer Assisted Anesthesia System is significantly less invasive and more comfortable than a syringe.

If you are in pain and need urgent care, please get in touch with us. Or (262) 327-6100

our Periodontics & implant TEAM

Dr. Lisa Teel

Periodontist & Implant Surgeon

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Periodontist & Implant Surgeon

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Dental Implants

We are dental implant experts, and our team uses the latest techniques and technology to give you the smile of your dreams. Dental implants provide a long-term solution to replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, with the highest success rate of all tooth replacement options. Our experienced team designs your dental implants to be a perfect match for a natural-looking, lifelong smile.

Tooth Replacement Technology For Life
Our doctors are specially trained in the placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants.

Benefits Of Dental Implants
1. Dental Implants are strong and stable, functioning like your natural teeth.
2. No more removing your teeth, slurring your speech, or limiting food choices.
3. The best bridge and dentures only last five to ten years. Dental implants can last a lifetime.
4. Dental implants help preserve your bone structure and the look of your youthful jawline.

We have delivered beautiful smiles for so many people who felt there was little hope for improvement. Regardless of the condition of your teeth, our team of experts can give you a smile you want to share with the world.

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Digital Smile Design Collaboration
Same Day Smiles
Single Dental Implants
Multiple Dental Implants
Fixed Hybrids

Digital Smile Design Collaboration

Digital smile design, also known as DSD®, is a revolutionary planning tool that works with your dental and facial proportions to plan a treatment to create the smile of your dreams. DSD uses movies, images, and temporary mock-ups to provide our team with a greater understanding of the interaction between your lips, gums, and teeth and how they work together to generate your smile.

Same Day Smiles

While the process of getting dental implants takes time to ensure the best results and long-term success, you will leave our office with new teeth in just one day, coordinated by our expert team of specialists. Our team delivers a coordinated process that provides you with a fixed (non-removable) temporary implant or implants during the same visit. That means that you can start smiling with confidence immediately.

Single Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best and longest-term solution for missing or hopeless teeth. When a broken or damaged tooth is removed, dental implants help maintain the jawbone where the tooth was removed. The implant begins with inserting a permanent titanium fixture rooted in the jawbone using the hole created by the missing tooth. A custom-made new tooth or crown is then attached to the titanium fixture, creating a permanent new tooth. Your new crown will look and feel natural and will not affect your ability to speak or eat the foods you enjoy.


Overdentures are supported by implants and replace a full set of upper or lower teeth. Overdentures use implants to anchor them, so you don’t need adhesives to keep them in place. Overdentures snap onto the implants, holding them securely in place throughout the day. The implants used with overdentures promote bone growth and prevent bone loss, which is common with traditional dentures. With the security of the implants, you will enjoy a more secure and better bite force than traditional dentures, allowing you to enjoy the foods that present issues with traditional dentures.

Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple dental implants are the best and longest lasting solution to replace multiple broken, missing or failing teeth. Dental implants are a natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement and will keep you smiling for years with very low maintenance. When broken or damaged teeth are removed, your jawbone will need to be prepared for the new implants. Each person has a unique set of circumstances, and your doctor will discuss the best options for your implants. Dental implants help maintain the jawbone where teeth are removed. Dental implants involve inserting permanent titanium fixtures rooted in the jawbone using the area created by the missing or removed teeth. A temporary set of teeth will be installed until your doctor determines that your mouth is well-healed and ready for your permanent dental implants. Your custom-made dental implants or crowns will replace the temporary teeth by attaching them to the titanium fixture, creating your permanent new teeth. Your new teeth will look and feel natural and will not affect how you speak or your ability to eat the foods you enjoy.

Your new dental implants for multiple missing teeth will:

  • Stop the bone resorption process (deterioration)
  • Provide a more comfortable and stable solution than partial dentures
  • Maintain the integrity of the facial structure (no sagging jawline)
  • Keep the gum line intact since it won’t be worn away by metal clasps
  • Restore natural biting and chewing capacity
  • Preserve adjacent natural teeth
  • Allow you to eat foods you couldn’t eat before, such as steak, corn on the cob, apples, and more
  • Look, function, and feel just like natural teeth
  • Provide a permanent tooth-replacement option – you won’t have to deal with messy denture adhesives or cleaning solutions anymore!

Fixed Hybrids

A fixed hybrid denture is a type of implanted denture designed to improve the support and strength of your dentures. Like removable dentures, hybrids sit on top of the teeth and gums. However, they are secured with screws to the dental implant and cannot be removed without the help of an implant dentist.

Investing In You with Simple and Flexible Payment Options

Transparent Investment

You will receive a clear and detailed care plan and costs.

Meet with Meridian’s Finance Specialist

Our financing specialist will meet with you to review options, answer any questions, and help arrange payment.

Select The Best Option For You

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smile design

Helping Great Smiles Take Shape
A great smile is a well-balanced smile where the gum line is symmetrical and the teeth are the right size and proportion. We have the expertise and experience in performing aesthetic gum procedures that bring out your best smile.

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy, or “SFOT”
Impacted Canine Exposures
Gum and Soft Tissue Health and Regeneration
Gum Lift, Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
Tongue or lip tie removal

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy, or “SFOT”

Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy is a predictable orthodontic approach to managing dental crowding, narrow jaws and recession and is airway-centric.

SFOT can prevent tooth removals, develop healthy bone and soft tissue volume around your teeth, and to correct an improper bite or malocclusion. SFOT can also reduce the long-term risk of gum recession and increase oral cavity volume. In addition, evidence-based research has demonstrated that SFOT may reduce the amount of time spent in braces or aligners.

Impacted Canine Exposures

Your canine teeth are some of the final permanent teeth to come in, emerging at about the age of 11 or 12. After wisdom teeth, canine teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth. When teeth are impacted, it means they are stuck beneath the gums and are unable to grow into the mouth properly. When wisdom teeth become impacted, extraction is often the best treatment, but when canines are impacted, they must be treated in an entirely different way because canines are very important for the bite. Impacted canine teeth will often be treated both orthodontically (by an orthodontist) and surgically (by an oral surgeon) so that they can have the best chance to emerge successfully.

Gum and Soft Tissue Health and Regeneration

Minimally invasive techniques are used to cover exposed roots and regenerate natural tissue. Grafting not only improves the beauty of your smile and protects roots but also reduces tooth sensitivity while slowing further recession and contributing to bone loss.

Gum Lift, Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

It’s often referred to as a “gummy smile.” That’s when excess gum tissue makes the teeth appear smaller. Aesthetic Crown Lengthening—also called gum contouring, gum reshaping, or gum lifting—is what we perform in these cases to bring improved balance and proportion to your smile. The results can be incredible.

Gum recession is a condition that causes the gums to wear away, shrink, or pull back and expose the tooth root. Your gumline becomes uneven, making some teeth look longer than their counterparts and giving you an asymmetrical smile. Without the protection your gums usually provide, your teeth can become very sensitive to different temperatures and accumulate plaque. Receding gums are typically a symptom of bone loss. The combination of gum recession and bone loss increases your chances of developing tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, loose teeth, and subsequent tooth loss. By placing new gum tissue in the area, we can provide support, increasing the longevity of your teeth. In many cases, we can achieve root coverage that will make your smile more beautiful and balanced.

Tongue or Lip Tie Removal

Frenectomies and tethered tissue therapies correct tongue and lip ties that can restrict swallowing, breathing and chewing. Persistent tooth gaps, even after braces, lip drape issues and speech impairment can all be associated with lip and tongue ties.

Airway & Whole-Body Health

Airway disorders, obstructions and breathing issues can cause chronic conditions that can affect virtually every aspect of your health. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors is trained to identify and treat the many causes of chronic airway obstruction, including:

Deviated Septum
A deviated septum occurs when the thin wall between your nasal passages is displaced to one side, causing one part of the nasal cavity to be larger than the other.

Oral Restriction
Oral restrictions like tongue ties, lip ties, or buccal ties can be problematic when the tie or tether in the mouth is too short, too tight, or too thick, and it restricts your normal tongue mobility.

An abscess is typically experienced as a tender, swollen mass within your tissue. An abscess is usually caused by inflammation of the glands and or an infection.

MARPE Treatment
When increasing the volume of your nasal and oral cavity is needed to improve airflow and to minimize undesirable tooth movement, MARPE works by expanding the maxillary bone. MARPE, Miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion, decreases nasal resistance and gives your tongue more room to sit upwards and forwards in your mouth, which makes your airway larger to maximum airflow, reducing symptoms of OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Saving Natural Tooth, Tooth Removal

When trying to save a natural tooth, there is no better dental health professional than a Periodontist to make that determination. Periodontists specialize in saving natural teeth using a wide range of advanced procedures to rebuild healthy gum tissue or reverse bone loss in the jaw.

Tooth Extractions, Removal Of Damaged, Fractured, Broken Or Hopeless Teeth
If your natural tooth is too damaged to save because a bacterial infection has destroyed the gum tissue, teeth roots, and the bone structure underneath gums, removing the tooth may be the best option. In addition to removing your tooth, our periodontists will recommend options for treating infections and reversing damage to your bone structure as needed to slow or stop the progression of oral health complications associated with tooth loss. We will also provide options for replacing the tooth and restoring your smile. Meridian’s team of experts provides every stage of your care at our clinics, giving you the highest quality care in one location.

Bone Restoration

Healthy Bone Structure Using Socket Preservation Grafting

When a tooth is removed from your jaw, the strip of bone or alveolar ridge that surrounds the roots of your teeth will begin to dissolve and disappear. Once your tooth is removed, your body will begin to eliminate the tissues to conserve energy. Socket preservation grafting is the process of bone grafting to protect and preserve the alveolar ridge, which is critical to providing a healthy foundation for your dental implant and replacement tooth. Once the procedure is completed, your existing teeth and the gaps between the teeth will remain in place and will be less susceptible to bone loss.

Ridge and Sinus Augmentation
Ridge and sinus augmentation fill in areas of your gum line or underlying bone where a tooth has been removed. Ridge and sinus augmentations are advanced procedures that can restore and can be a part of preparation for dental implants.

Bite Force Measurement or Tekscan Occlusal Equilibration
Tekscan Occlusal Equilibration or T-Scan, uses advanced technology to measure bite force and bite timing on each tooth with greater accuracy. Our team uses this technology before and after procedures to ensure the best procedure results and alignment.

Jaw and Teeth Alignment or Orthodontic Surgical Services
Orthodontic surgery expands your options for a healthy, functional and beautiful smile. Surgical orthodontics can be the best solution if your upper and lower jaws are out of alignment. Without proper alignment, your upper and lower teeth won’t fit, causing issues with your ability to bite and chew and in some cases, it can affect your speech. Maxillofacial surgery and therapy will correct the position of your jaws and teeth to optimal alignment and function.

Periodontal Therapies (Gum Disease Treatments)

What Is Periodontitis? (Gum Disease)
Gum disease begins when a film called plaque accumulates on the teeth and certain strains of bacteria that live in this plaque damage gum tissue and bone. Your body tries to fight this infection with an inflammatory assault, or gum inflammation, sending blood cells to the area, causing the tissue to bleed easily when you brush or floss. This stage of the condition is called gingivitis.

If the gum infection and inflammation persist, a chronic inflammatory condition occurs in which the gums and bone around the teeth are destroyed, often with no symptoms. At this stage, it is called Periodontitis.

Periodontitis can lead to bad breath, tooth mobility, and tooth loss and has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious medical conditions.

Deep Cleaning or Scaling & Root Planning
Deep Pocket Cleaning or Osseous Surgery
LANAP Therapy

How To Treat Periodontitis (gum Disease)

Once your condition has progressed to periodontitis or gum disease, surgical intervention is often necessary to eliminate the deep pockets that develop between the teeth and gums. A deep or Periodontal cleaning of your gums to remove the plaque may be required. If pockets persist, they allow bacteria to grow, often leading to tooth loss. We may recommend a traditional or laser therapy to treat your Periodontitis. Traditional methods to treat gum disease involve contouring of the affected gum tissue and bone underneath.


Oral biopsy and pathology focus on diagnosing and treating oral diseases, including oral cancer. Pathologists are involved in all areas of disease management, including research, diagnosis, examination and treatment.

Deep Cleaning or Scaling & Root Planning

Minimally invasive techniques are used to cover exposed roots and regenerate natural tissue. Grafting not only improves the beauty of your smile and protects roots but also reduces tooth sensitivity while slowing further recession and contributing to bone loss.

Deep Pocket Cleaning or Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is a gum disease treatment that reduces the pockets and plaque around your teeth. Periodontists use this procedure to treat moderate to severe periodontitis. The main goal of osseous surgery is to reduce the pockets around your teeth, so plaque and bacteria can’t hide there.

LANAP Therapy

You may be a candidate for LANAP®. LANAP® is the laser alternative to traditional periodontal surgery to treat gum disease. To minimize your discomfort and maximize effectiveness, we use the most advanced LANAP laser technology available. The PerioLase®laser delivers gentle pulses of light to effectively target and kill the damaging bacteria hidden between teeth and gums. While traditional scalpel surgery can non-selectively remove healthy gum tissue, LANAP focuses selectively on the diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. The result is a more relaxing experience with faster healing.

Benefits Of Laser Periodontal Dentistry To Treat Periodontitis (Lanap Therapy)
Laser therapy for Periodontitis or periodontal disease uses a precision dental laser to accurately target and remove harmful bacteria without causing damage to healthy gum tissue.

Fast Recovery
Laser therapy to treat Periodontitis or periodontal disease does not involve cutting, and there is little to no postoperative inflammation. With laser therapy, our patients experience a much faster healing period and often do not need pain medication.

Minimal Gum Recession
Gum recession, otherwise referred to as receding gums, shrinking gums, or pulling back gums, is commonly an unavoidable result of traditional surgery to treat periodontal disease because the scalpel cuts away at the gum line. Patients treated with laser therapy have minimal gun recession after treatment.

Protects Healthy Tissue
Laser periodontal surgery never harms healthy tissue, which means there is little to no gum recession.

Periodontal Maintenance & Support

To ensure your long-term dental health, we provide Periodontal maintenance and deep cleaning after your periodontal procedure and to treat periodontal disease. Periodontal cleaning is deeper, targeting periodontal pockets and gum maintenance removes tartar and plaque from the space between your gums and teeth.

After care

We strive to provide you with exceptional care and comfort from your first visit to the completion of your recovery process. After your treatment, we will ensure you are ready to go before leaving our office. Our experienced team members will check on how you’re feeling, make sure you have no lingering issues with sedation. We will coordinate with your family dentist on your continued care. Continuing your regularly scheduled family dentist visits is essential to maintain your dental health.

Please read the following instructions carefully. Following the instructions will make your post-operative course more comfortable and help you avoid any unnecessary complications.

Patient Testimonials

Marie W


Wish there were ten stars to give this awesome practice! In April I completed my dental implant journey. From the moment I walked into the reception area and all the way through I was made to feel special. Dr. Lisa Teel and Team kept me informed and comfortable every step of the way. I’ve been very blessed to have my dental work done by Meridian. I love this place!!!

Sarah B


Just had a fairly extensive procedure with Dr. Teel and couldn’t have been more impressed. The experience was positive from start to finish! Debbie, her assistant, is so kind and reassuring. I’m so thankful to have a truly world-class facility like Meridian right in our backyard. I am originally from the area but took an 8 hour flight to come back here to see Dr. Teel and her team – that’s how great they are! From the calming atmosphere in the reception area, to the clean and modern treatment rooms, to the state-of-the-art technology, this place is just fantastic.

D’Ann W


Dr. Teel and her team are wonderful! I’ve avoided the dentist for 20 plus years out of fear. Had an emergency, an infected tooth, and they were the only ones who would help me, after calling at least half a dozen other places. I’ve been working with them for roughly 2 years now and recently finished my 2nd dental implant with them. They were very patient and caring when I was feeling like a big old scared baby. I’m getting past my dental phobia thanks to their concern and willingness to make me as comfortable as possible and not making me feel silly for being so scared. The entire staff I’ve worked with there are very friendly and professional!

Alex R


Just had an amazing experience at this office. Let’s say I have a complicated dental past due to fear and anxiety, and a few really bad dentists along the way. I’ve got broken and infected teeth and was actually quite embarrassed by my situation. I live in AZ, but was in Milwaukee visiting family, and on a whim, decided to take my sister’s advice to go see the doctor here for an exam. They were kind, open, actually listened to me and I didn’t feel judged. I now feel that my problems are fixable and I am excited about moving forward with treatment to get my smile fixed. Highly recommend.