A Modern Approach To Endodontic Health

What is an Endodontist?

Simply put, we are specialists in performing root canals and root canal related procedures. Endodontic procedures are necessary when the nerves inside your tooth become irreversibly inflamed or infected. Using microsurgical techniques, ultrasonic cleaning, and advanced digital radiography, we clean out the tiny spaces within the roots and seal them. Our main goal is always to preserve your natural teeth and avoid tooth loss whenever possible. Once we complete your treatment, we communicate directly with your dentist on a follow-up plan for any further treatment needed to restore and protect the tooth.

Comfort & Sedation Options

We are committed to your comfort from the moment you arrive in our office until you complete your care with us. Many people come to us having experienced pain, anxiety, panic and fear when seeking dental care. At Meridian, our goal is to provide the most pain-free and comfortable experience possible. We use the most up-to-date and comprehensive anesthesia and comfort options available, including oral and IV Sedation and The Wand, a modern alternative to injection.

If you are in pain and need urgent care, please get in touch with us.
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Comprehensive Endo/Perio exam

Approach and experience provide our specialists with a complete understanding of your condition and treatment options. When you come to us for your care, whether for root canal therapy, tooth removal, dental implant treatment, aesthetic procedure or a transformative new look, you will receive the latest in functional and aesthetic care from multidisciplinary experts.


Utilizing the most advanced technology, we strive to save your teeth, relieve pain, and restore a healthy smile. We will perform an examination and a detailed review of your health history, dental needs, and your dental health goals. A root canal (endodontic therapy) has a very high degree of success. To help you make an informed decision, we will discuss other care options and the predictability of endodontic therapy on your specific tooth prior to any treatment.

What happens during endodontic therapy or root canal?

Root canal therapy and retreatments are a better alternative than extracting a tooth for most people. If your tooth has good bone support, a solid surface and healthy gums beneath it, it stands a good chance of being saved. An endodontist will perform the root canal procedure by removing the infected pulp and nerve in the root of your tooth and then cleaning and shaping the inside of the root canal, followed by filling and sealing the space.

Treating Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries require a multidisciplinary approach and expertise. The doctors at Meridian are specialists in Periodontal and Endodontic care and are trained in full mouth restorations. If you have suffered a traumatic dental injury, be assured that you will receive the latest in functional and aesthetic procedures from multidisciplinary experts.


An accurate diagnosis of your treatment needs requires 2D dental radiography (X-rays) and is often supplemented by a 3-dimensional dental CT scan (or CBCT).We use only digital imaging for maximum diagnostic value, minimal patient discomfort, and the lowest radiation possible. This technology gives us superb images, with greater than 90% less radiation than the already low radiation emitted from standard dental X-rays. A CBCT gives us more information and allows us to examine in and around your teeth for endodontic, periodontal and implant needs, even before you’ve opened your mouth!


Endodontic microsurgery involves using a surgical operating microscope with a specialized microsurgical technique. It allows us to perform procedures with the highest possible degree of precision. The enhancements provide greater illumination and more detailed visualization to provide exceptionally predictable, minimally invasive care.

Internal Whitening After Root Canal

Natural teeth that have had a root canal procedure can discolor over time. During the Internal whitening procedure, a reservoir is made on the top portion of the tooth and a whitening agent is placed inside and sealed.

Will I need to return for more visits?

After your procedure, your endodontist will discuss the results and provide a plan for your care and recovery as well as any additional visits.


In rare cases, root canal therapy can fail to work as expected. The treated tooth might not heal properly, or you might experience post-surgical complications that jeopardize the tooth. Root canal retreatment involves the removal of the crown, cleansing the root canals, and re-packing and re-crowning the tooth.

After care

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional comfort and care from your first visit to your recovery process. After your treatment, our experienced team members will confirm that you are feeling well and have no lingering issues with sedation or anesthetic before leaving our office. We will also provide you (or the person accompanying you) with post-op care instructions to ensure a seamless transition from your procedure room to your recovery at home. Our team will coordinate with your family dentist to complete your care. Continued regularly scheduled family dentist visits are essential to maintain your dental health.

Please read the following instructions carefully. Following the instructions will make your post-operative course more comfortable and help you avoid any unnecessary complications.

Patient Testimonials

James L


I went to Meridian for a root canal. I had never had a root canal before. Michaelye started me off with some x-rays. She was very patient and did a great job. She was also the assistant to the Dr. Zielinski. Dr, Zielinski was great. they both were very professional caring and considerate. I really appreciated the great service I received. I would highly recommend Meridian to other people needing dental service.

Sharon K


At my dental exam, my dentist discovered I needed a root canal and referred me to Meridian. I have severe dental anxiety, and as it turned out, all for nothing. Dr. Zielinski and his assistant, Milly, were so good, so calming and so intent on making a positive experience for me, and they succeeded 100%. Even the office staff was terrific. I greatly appreciated having nitrous oxide available (at a fee), but it did much to help me relax. I wholeheartedly recommend Meridian Endodontics.

Silvester S


After being told I needed my first root canal I was a bit hesitant to go in for my procedure, but wow! From my initial phone call down to my procedure it was evident why this is a five star operation. Meridian has a very warm atmosphere with very friendly doctors and staff. Dr. Zielinski handled my root canal and truly is a master at his craft. My root canal was a breeze. I received care instructions afterward along with a follow-up phone call the next day. I highly recommend Meridian Endodontics and Periodontics. 
Thank you!!

Michelle G


Michaelye and Dr Zielinski did a great job with my root canal. They were very professional and they kept me informed of everything that they were doing. I was nervous but they made sure it was pain free and gave me post op instructions on how to care for the area. I would definitely recommend them if you are in need of a root canal.