Are Full Arch Implants Right For You?

If you’re missing multiple teeth to decay or injury, full-arch implants can be transformative: they have the potential to restore function, aesthetics, and improve your overall quality of life. Beyond just giving you your beautiful smile back and restoring basic functions, full-arch implants (which replace an entire row of teeth, lower or upper) come with numerous other benefits: they help to increase jaw stability, preserve the health of your jaw bone, are comfortable and permanent, and help to prevent bone loss.

Wondering if you may be a candidate for the increased stability, function, and restoration from full-arch implants?

Osseointegration helps to stimulate bone growth and prevent further loss

You may be an excellent candidate if:

You’d like to replace multiple missing or decaying teeth:

If you are missing multiple teeth in a single arch (upper or lower low), or have multiple teeth in
need of significant work/extraction, full-arch implants may be right for you.

You want to stop, and prevent, bone loss:

Bone loss caused by tooth loss in your jaw may change your appearance, make dentures difficult to fit, and could lead to sinus deficiencies. Unfortunately, traditional dentures don’t apply enough pressure to stop the bone loss associated with missing teeth. Through the process of osseointegration, however, full-arch implants help to stimulate the growth of bone and prevent further loss.

You’d like a permanent smile:

As modern dentistry has evolved, so have your options for teeth replacement. Though dentures are an option for many, full-arch implants remove the hassle, upkeep, and discomfort associated with traditional dentures.

You currently wear dentures and would like a better alternative:

If you currently wear dentures, full-arch implants may be a game changer. Replace the discomfort and work of traditional dentures and boost your quality-of-life with full-arch implants. Though dentures have advanced greatly in recent years, full-arch implants help to restore your smile in crucial ways which traditional dentures simply can’t.

You want to enjoy better digestion:

When you are missing multiple teeth, chewing — essential to digestion — is more difficult: your body may absorb fewer vital nutrients as a result. Though dentures do help, their instability can lead to chewing issues that also impact digestion. The stability of full-arch implants help restore the function of your teeth, which leads to easier chewing and better digestion. While full-arch implants do require a certain threshold of bone density and generally healthy gums, you may still be a candidate with proper preparation (such as bone graft ahead of time).

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