Teeth in a Day With Full Arch Implants

Your Guide to This Smile-Saving Procedure

As our practice has personally witnessed, evidenced by the beaming smiles of so many of our patients over the years, full-arch dental implants can truly work wonders to restore the natural beauty and function of your smile. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss what full arch implants are and who may be a candidate for them.

What, exactly, are ‘full arch’ dental implants?

Full arch dental implants are a type of implant dentistry available to patients with missing teeth who’d like to restore their smile (and its function). Instead of requiring several individual implants to restore a smile over time, full arch implants rely on just a few implants to support a row of porcelain replacement teeth.

These types of implants are an excellent choice for our patients in need of multiple tooth replacements in a row, or a full arch, replaced. Full arch implants combine the powerful technology of implants with the natural aesthetic look of porcelain replacement teeth to give our patients back the smiles they deserve. To do so, our doctors leverage advanced 3D technology to ensure our full-arch implant work is natural and stable (which is, of course, always critical to successful implant dentistry).

This implant choice benefits patients in three key ways: full arch implants can help stop and prevent tissue loss, they restore oral functioning, and they restore smiles. Because they can, generally, be done faster than with restoring a row of missing teeth individually, in many cases they are able to help patients who, for myriad reasons, may not be candidates for other types of implant restoration.

Full Arch Implants have 3 benefits:
– Stop & prevent tissue loss
– Restore oral functioning
– Restore smiles

Who is a candidate for full arch dental implants?

Thanks to advances in dental technology over the past few decades, patients who need to replace several teeth have more options than ever before. While individual dental implants work wonderfully for patients in need of single tooth replacements, multiple implants can be expensive and require a great deal of time. Further, bone loss over time may impact a patient’s ability to have multiple individual implants. Dentures, on the other hand, have long been a choice for patients with several missing teeth. They are comparatively inexpensive and less demanding on existing tissues in the mouth, unfortunately, however: they are also notoriously unstable and may impact a patient’s daily life in significant ways.

Patients with several missing teeth that would like to stop tissue loss, restore a beautiful smile, and enjoy better oral functioning may be excellent candidates for full arch implants. Here at Meridian, we love the work we do — and, the work we do restores smiles and oral health! In our next blog, we will discuss what to expect during and after the procedure. If you are interested in discovering more about how our doctors can help you, or to learn more about the full arch dental implants we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email: office@MeridianEndo.com or Phone: (262) 327-6100