Esthetic Crown Lengthening (Gum Lift)

If you’ve ever struggled with a “gummy” smile, esthetic crown lengthening might be for you. This procedure is performed to reduce gum length and make your smile wider and more even.

Breaking down the process

The gum lift might seem like a complex procedure, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Though it can be done to just one tooth, in most cases the lengthening is applied to the
entire mouth. This process recontours the gum and supporting bone to create a wider, more natural looking smile, while repositioning your gum line. This helps to curb the “gumminess” you might see in your smile. Another benefit to this procedure is that it decreases your risk of periodontal disease by reducing the periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums.

The proceedure

Esthetic crown lengthening is a short, relatively simple procedure that can give you the wide, vibrant smile you’re looking for.

To start off, a local anesthetic is applied to help ease any discomfort you might feel during the procedure. Some patients also elect to take advantage of sedation options. The actual process only takes an hour to two hours, so your stay in the office will be short and easy! Your periodontist will create your optimal result by lifting the gums and contouring the underlying bone. After the procedure, microsutures (stitches) will be placed to optimize the result.

The follow up

You’ll be asked to come back two to four weeks after your crown lengthening to check in on your healing process and remove the sutures. Our aim is that you walk out of our office with a more confident beaming smile.

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