Saving Natural Teeth with Endodontic Therapy

Tooth pain can be debilitating and embarrassing, and many of us put off going to the dentist because of anxiety or worry of the unknown. Did you know the sooner you are seen, the better chance we have of using endodontic therapy to save your natural teeth?

If you’re experiencing oral pain, it’s oftentimes difficult to pinpoint exactly where the discomfort is coming from. Our team specializes in the diagnosis of tooth-related pain, with the assistance of microscopic dentistry and 3-D imagery. Our specialists provide endodontic therapy, which alleviates infection/damage from inside the tooth, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

What is endodontic therapy

What people really mean when they say “root canal” is endodontic therapy. Endodontic therapy is a specialty treatment of the natural tooth which alleviates pain, clears infection and restores the internal aspect of your tooth, so that you can keep it. The best tooth is your natural tooth.

Endodontic therapy removes the infection or damage from inside the root canal, which is the core area of your tooth that houses the nerve tissue. The root canal, or “pulp” of the tooth, is also the area that translates hot and cold into pain triggers. If this area is damaged due to infection or trauma, it can cause the pain and discomfort you might be experiencing.

The process

Before we recommend treatment, we will carefully examine your condition, localize the origin of the issue, and discuss your options with you. The endodontic therapy itself is conducted under local anesthesia and we offer sedation for your comfort if you desire it. A barrier is placed around your tooth to protect your mouth and isolate the affected tooth, to allow it to be cleaned properly.

Usually, the endodontic procedure can be completed in one visit. Following thorough cleansing, the tooth is sealed. We then refer you back to your general dentist for a permanent restoration (filling) or crown.

The follow up

The tooth and surrounding area are usually tender to biting in the few days following the procedure. This discomfort is minimized by taking over the counter medication (ibuprofen or Tylenol).

Endodontic therapy has a success rate above 90% and allows patients to keep their natural teeth and smile. We specialize in customized care, putting your individual needs first in a comfortable, therapeutic environment.